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Maibal is Winter Melon or White gourd

Maibal is also an important vegetable cultivated by the Hmar farmers. Known in English as winter melon or white gourd it belongs to the genus Benincasa. It is used by the Hmars in preparing mostly soup (both veg and non-veg) and sometimes plain fry with chicken.



[Humour] Hmar guy calls up Lusei girl

This humour deserved to be listed in Hmar online museum. Despite the humour and regional dialect differences that come with it, this small conversation clearly shows that the Mizos, especially the Hmars, Lushais, Lai, etc, are one tribe (call it by whatever name). We have the same history, the same culture and don’t forget we can share our joy and pain. Spread love, not hate!


Ruo No (Bamboo Mugs)

The Hmars use bamboo for various purposes from building houses to setting up of traps. It is also used for carrying and storing of water by the women folk. Here’s one of the uses of bamboo – as mugs for drinking water or maybe a soup of kel chek 😉


Lamkhuong (Jackfruit)

Jackfruit is known as ‘Lamkhuong’ to the Hmar tribe. The word appears to be made up of two words ‘Lam’ (dance) and ‘Khuong’ (drum) and we’re not sure what they actually means. If you have more information on the origin of the word, kindly post it in the comment box below. Find out how ‘Lamkhuong’ got its name in the next slide.


Usai sa (frog 🐸 meat)

Yes, you read it right. This is frog meat… Dry one and since the Hmar tribesmen live in remote forest areas in earlier times their food items comprised of both insects and animals — small and big. Their food habits is similar to other Asian tribes and they are not shy about it. In fact, we love to chew on the fried dry meat as it has its own unique […]



Chawnlam hla (Hmar Traditional Song)

Here’s the latest Hmar music video from Pengpelep Band. The song titled Chawnlam Hla is one of the most popular traditional songs of the Hmar tribe. This version comes with a modern touch and an excellent videography. Released programme details with video stills are available here