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Hmar Delicacies

Ansate / Ansapui (Paracress) – Herb with rich medicinal properties

The flower bud and the leaves of ‘ansate’ or ‘ansapui’ give a grassy taste followed by a strong tingling and a sense of numbness to the tongue when taken. It also gives a cooling sensation to the throat. The Hmar people use this herb mainly for food item and its medicinal purposes like herbal treatment for toothache and others are relatively new to them.

Lamkhuong (Jackfruit)

Jackfruit is known as ‘Lamkhuong’ to the Hmar tribe. The word appears to be made up of two words ‘Lam’ (dance) and ‘Khuong’ (drum) and we’re not sure what they actually means. If you have more information on the origin of the word, kindly post it in the comment box below. Find out how ‘Lamkhuong’ got its name in the next slide.

Usai sa (frog 🐸 meat)

Yes, you read it right. This is frog meat… Dry one and since the Hmar tribesmen live in remote forest areas in earlier times their food items comprised of both insects and animals — small and big. Their food habits is similar to other Asian tribes and they are not shy about it. In fact, we love to chew on the fried dry meat as it has its own unique aroma. However, frog meat is no longer in abundance except for a few months during the monsoon season. Mind it, the Hmars don’t eat all species of frogs. They are very particular. The most popular are Usai sa and Upeng sa. Got to add more on this food item? If yes, do so in the comment section below.

Vawkke (Pig’s trotters) looks nasty, but tastes awesome

Vawkke (pig’s trotters) is one of the favorite food items taken by the Hmar people.

Hmar Buman Bei Zeu (Sticky Rice Cake)

Buman bei is a sticky rice cake quite popular with the Hmar people. There are varieties of rice used for preparing rice cakes. Some of them are Treisanghar, Ido (?), Kawnglawng etc. Finely-powdered special rice is prepared as dough. The dough is then wrapped properly with wild banana leaf and put in a pot filled with adequate amount of water. It is them cooked for hours until it is ready for consumption. The sticky rice cake is eaten usually in its sticky form, but the more adventurous ones love to deep fry them (as shown in the photo).

Uisa (Dog Meat) aka ‘fragrant meat’ or ‘mutton of the earth’

Dog meat is called ‘Uisa”, ‘Ui’ meaning dog and ‘sa’ meaning ‘meat’. Uisa is considered a delicacy my many and if prepared as per the Hmar traditional cooking method called – chartang, lovers of this this are of the opinion that “no other meat can match it”. While it may be disliked by some, the tradition of eating ‘uisa’ is very much prevalent in the Hmar community and some people are known to be breeding the animal purely for its meat. IMPORTANCE OF ‘UISA’ Elders say that when two villages settle a dispute, they would kill a dog at the boundary separating the settlements and then they would prepare a feast and dine together. This oral tradition, however, is contested by some who are of the opinion t...

Zawngtra (Parkia speciosa)

Parkia speciosa Here’s what Zawngtra looks like.

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