Hmar legendary hero Lalruong’s ‘Taikuong’

Lalruong Vawk Kuong

This stone relic called ‘Lalruong Vawk Kuong’ or ‘Lalruong Taikuong’ is one of the few remains that the Hmar tribe can relate to their oral history. The uniqueness of this ‘taikuong’  (plate for giving food to pigs) is that it is made of stone.  There is no historical evidence to prove its  genuineness and its date. Yet, legend has it that the stone ‘taikuong’ is believed to be used by legendary hero Lalruong to feed his pigs. The stone relic which is located between Phulpui and Ngampabung villages in Hmar Hills, Manipur, is in dire need of preservation from the weathering process.  If you are interested in preserving this important relic, contact us so that we may collectively intervene in saving it for future generation. Photo contributed by: Lalhminglien Hmar Texts:

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Lalruong Vawk Kuong

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